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Accessory Dwelling Units have become increasingly popular in the last few years due to the housing shortage in California. Building restrictions have been updated to allow for extra housing and to encourage public transportation giving many homeowners the opportunity to either build, expand or remodel on their current property and pay part of their mortgage with a rental unit. They can also double as a pool bungalow, as shown in the photos below. This is an ADU that we designed for a client in Napa.

Below is an ADU that we designed for a client in Richmond.

Remodels, Additions and Improvements


Purchasing a home is exciting but finding the exact home to suit your needs is challenging. Unless you have built a new home designed to your specifications, you are probably going to want to update and make some changes to your living space. We can make these changes and updates for you. We can also do professional renderings that will show you exactly how your new space will look. 


The photos below are of an older home in the Maxwell Park neighborhood of Oakland we were hired to restore. The home had hints of a Spanish past. A few walls were removed, Saltillo Tile added, floors refinished, arches added, wooden windows refinished and carefully chosen paint colors applied and the home was restored to it's "past glory."


The following photos below are of a home in the Cleveland Heights neighborhood that was both a remodel and conversion of the lower floor into an ADU.

New Construction


Whether you are looking for a new garage, home, ADU, or whatever it may be, Altus can get you on the correct path for any and all of your new construction needs. We know California Building Code and we design with that in mind. Sometimes new construction requires specific additional services like a site survey, soils test or structural engineering....even if we don't specialize in these specific areas, we know plenty of people that do and we can coordinatethis for you.

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